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What is it?


I create custom signage for your wedding or special event featuring hand-illustrated elements such as portraits, lettering, text, etc as per your specific requirements. 


Pricing starts at $450 but will be dependant on illustrated elements, sign size and printing materials selection. Please contact me directly for a quote. Thank you!

Custom Wedding Signage

  • My custom signs are created by first hand-illustrating the different elements of the sign and then digitizing them and incorporating them into an Illustrator and PDF file that can either be printed by you or that I can print and send to you by mail.

    You will also receive all original hand-illustrated elements as a part of your package. 

  • I use a combination of watercolors, archival inks and markers in my hand-illustrated elements and then apply design elements and text using the Adobe Design Suite. If you choose to recieve your item printed, I can print on various paper types, wood, metal, acrylic or other options. 

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