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What is it?


This is a hand-illustrated fine art piece from the inspiration of your photos using premium ink, marker, and watercolor on heavyweight 9x12" premium vellum paper and held in a poly sleeve for protection. I use single or multiple photos to create a unique and personalized image of whoever you wish. 


Interested in purchasing more than one? Email me to inquire directly at or check out my packages. 

9"x12" Custom Fine Art Portrait (unframed)

PriceFrom $175.00
  • Each drawing is unique and hand-illustrated. I use a combination of ink, watercolor pencil, watercolor paints, premium markers, and silver/gold/white accent inks on premium quality heavyweight 9x12" Bristol paper. Each figure takes about 30-40 minutes to render. These are easy to frame using any standard 9x12" art print frame, or you can purchase a framed version from me if you prefer. 

  • These illustrations are more personalized and detailed than my quick fashion sketches. I have fun with a larger variety of materials as well as including significantly more detail, fine lines, color, and pattern rendering. I love making these and taking the time to create realistic yet stylized representations of wonderful moments such as proposals, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

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